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Luke Thomas, Coaching

Spring: Coaching, Clarity, Results. Home site for coach Luke Thomas who brings energy and real world experience to his coaching practice.

Sales 101

Sales 101Simply the best practical, results focused sales training from Perry Burns. Proposal Masters specialises in helping small and medium sized business (SME's) and professional services firms to really supercharge their sales performance.

NLP books, Hypnosis and Accelerated Learning…

Anglo American books stock a huge range of books on NLP, hypnosis, and coaching. They also have a useful stock of videos.

Bible Gateway Search the world’s best selling book in any version using any key word. Invaluable.

Encyclopedia of NLP Everything you could possibly want to know about Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Transactional Analysis-TA-TUTOR-Visual TA 400 handouts to print This site is a real feast and full of free notes, downloads and information about self development.


Welcome to If you are at all interested in coaching then I urge you to join Coachville. It’s free and the resources available here are truly overwhelming - most of it entirely free of charge.

BNI Europe Index BNI is one of the best organisations around for helping you to make use of the power of network marketing. Visit here for the address of your local group.

Paul McKenna NLP and Hypnosis Training Company Do you want to improve your life? Get more of what you really want? Maybe you'd like to lose weight, become powerfully confident, more motivated, happier, a more skilled communicator, understand how your mind works, or just change a habit? Visit Paul McKenna Training now.

Brefi Group

Corporate Change from Brefi Group Limited. Brefi Group is a change management and coaching consultancy with a team of experienced associates that can help you implement changes at work. The site also has a rich variety of articles, downloads, books and other resources.