About Lighthouse 365

Lighthouse 365 is a network of coaches who believe passionately in showing people the way back to the strengths, ideas, abilities and gifts they already have.

We’ve seen it called life coaching, executive coaching even performance coaching but in the end it comes down to helping you create more of what is important to you. And it doesn’t matter whether you are a junior manager or a CEO, a private or public sector business, anyone can do it.

Lighthouse 365 is run by Andrew Halfacre

About Andrew Halfacre

Professional Background

Coaching Style

Andrew is a good listener with a passion for helping others achieve their personal and professional goals. He believes that any change work should be an enjoyable experience and creates a safe, supportive environment for people to explore what they want to achieve. He is able to ask just the right question to enable people and teams to get a new perspective on old issues and is known for taking complex concepts and making them easy to use. He is a great storyteller and a challenging facilitator who will stimulate your thinking in creative ways.

As well as Lighthouse 365, Andrew is a senior consultant at Brefi Group.


Andrew has over 18 years successful experience in business management. He worked in the utility industry during the change from public to private ownership and led significant integration projects following two major acquisitions. His work as a coach and trainer is supported by experience ‘at the coal face’ managing teams, running cross-functional projects and making direct marketing pay.

Andrew is the author of a number of e-books and management guides, including:

He holds an MBA and is a Licensed Trainer of NLP. Andrew is married and lives in Essex with three (noisy) daughters and three adorable chickens.

What his customers say

I came to you to improve my communication skills and I have 100% done that. You’ve truly left me with a sense that with your coaching anything really is possible and within my reach. Stephen Passmore

One hour that put thousands before it into perspective - well worth the time! It enabled me to take a fresh look at what I have done to date and what I really want out of my future - great way to check if you are on the right track. Highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking about a career or lifestyle change - definitely worth the time. CC, Marketing and Communications Manager

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About the Lighthouse Network

It is our privilege to work with a fascinating network of professional coaches, trainers and service providers. We offer a wide range of skills and experience for any size of job:

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