How We Work

What's it like to work with us?

Our Approach

We listen, a lot. And we listen before we speak. If you’ve never experienced what’s it’s like having someone give you 100% of their attention, then you are in for a treat.

Profit is not optional - we are business people and when we work with you we’re doing everything possible to help your increase your results.

Companies should be great places to work - money is important but if you or your people dread coming to work because of ‘them’, you’re going to have serious productivity problems. If you are one of ‘them’, we will help you change.

Humour and challenge. Expect to laugh and expect direct (sometimes blunt) challenges too. We’ll provoke your thinking in new directions.

Blended learning - between us we bring a wealth of models, techniques and real world experience giving us the ability to pick just the right tool for you.

square peg, round hole

Finding A Coach

If you are ready to find a coach that suits you, please contact us and we will begin the process of helping you to find the right coach.

As a first step, we’ll send you a pack of questionnaires, information and diagnostics that will help you to be clear on how to get the best value from your coaching. There is no charge for this pack.

When you’ve returned the questionnaire, we’ll book your first session. This first session gives you a chance to experience the power of having someone devote 100% of their attention to you and your results. There’s no obligation to go further and if we’re not right for you, then we have a large network of other coaches we’d be happy to recommend.

The first session lasts about 45 min and costs £125 (+ VAT) payable in advance. We’ll meet on the phone or face to face if you prefer.

We look forward to meeting you. Contact

Learn more: Download ‘What Is Coaching?’.

Price and Packages

We’ll talk about price but here are some general indicators. Coaching hours are £125 (+VAT) with a minimum investment as below. This is a fully inclusive rate for face to face time only - we do not charge separately for expenses (they are our problem, not yours). All packages are paid in advance and non-refundable.

Grow Your Life/Work

If your life or work have got out of balance this package enables you to take a structured look at your wheel of life. Starting with a four-hour diagnostic and feedback exercise, you will end with solid and achievable goals for the life you want to grow.

Commitment: 4 hours then six monthly meetings of two hours (with homework in between). Not for the fainthearted.

Live Monkey

You bring a live monkey to each session and work with your coach to make sure it is fed and clothed properly. Your monkey will typically be a puzzle (how do I?) or a dilemma (what do I?) and you’ll end each session with a plan of action. You may wish to purchase a ‘bank’ of coaching hours to draw down as you need them.

Commitment: 10 hours / three months

To take the first step, please contact us

Learn more: Download ‘What Is Coaching?’.