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7 Things To Do This Year

7 Things To Do This Year

Personally, I like to start ventures in the spring, for the power of growth is metaphysically with you then. I develop and expand in the summer, and trim and cut away in the fall. In winter I go drinking with my mates and watch the Ginger Rodgers movies once over again.

Stuart Wilde, The Trick To Money Is Having Some

It’s traditional at this time of year to think about new things and make resolutions.

The problem is, of course, that actually it’s still Winter and for many of us the real energy to start anything new does not come until Spring and we see new life and new energy happening all around us.

The other problem is that our resolutions are often just re-solutions or an attempt to re-solve old problems all over again. In Winter particularly, the two physical forces of inertia and momentum conspire to hold us back.

The tendency of things that are not moving to remain not moving. Things that we haven’t started tend to remain unstarted and it takes a real spurt of energy to overcome this inertia.
The tendency of things that are moving to remain moving. Things that we need to stop have a strong tendency to keep going and again it takes a real spurt of energy to stop the momentum.

So, my advice this week is to let yourself off the hook completely. There may well be some things you need to start and some things you need to stop but you’ll need a strong burst of energy to do it and now isn’t the time. Use this time instead to think through the next 12 months and make a promise to yourself that you’ll pay attention to making big changes when Spring finally comes.

Having said that, here are 7 things you might like to think about doing over the next 12 months or so - when the time is right.

Decide what you really want

Are you experiencing any (or all) of the following situations?

If any of this is familiar then check out my book First, Know What You Want that has helped many people find their way.

Or go to and follow the link on the home page to management guides.

Read a management book

Many middle managers I meet rarely read books and some don’t even like reading. This is a great shame as there are hundreds of great books full of inspiration, ideas, fun or techniques to boost your career. I'm currently on my 2nd reading of a great little book by Brian Tracy called Eat That Frog! 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating about how to be more productive. Just one of the ideas from it I used this week has saved me 2 days. Here’s the link to Amazon (20% off) and there are other ideas on my website.

Eat That Frog! 21 Great Ways to Stop… on Amazon.
Other recommended reading

Write your goals down

The single biggest difference to getting your goals in the next 12 months will come from writing them down. Write in the present tense, as if you have got them already. I haven’t got space to explain why it works but if you've never done it then give it a go - you’ll soon find out.

Eat for energy

Somewhere among all that lard, a six-pack is lurking and finding it is one of the most frequent re-solutions that we try at this time of year. Why not just give up and instead begin to eat for energy?

I call this "food coaching" - and all you do is begin to pay attention to the effect of your eating and drinking on your energy levels. When you eat something, notice what happens to your energy 45mins later. You may have to broaden the range of things you eat to make the experiment useful and when you notice what happens, simply eat more of what gives you the most energy.

For me, I find that processed foods, sweets, cake and a mixture of foods at once tend to sap my energy while fruit, vegetables, nuts and eating one type of food at a time tends to give me more energy.

BUT you have to find your own results to get an intuitive eating plan that suits your body.

Register your personal domain name

Branding is becoming more and more important and eventually personal branding will help distinguish us in a competitive job and career market. Positioning yourself as a brand on the web may become vital over the next few years. You might want to reserve or and tuck them away for the future. It’s probably less than a tenner for a domain name. Check out or type "domain name registration" into a search engine.

If you can’t find yourself on Google then neither can anyone else. Get it before someone else with your name does - it’s only a matter of time.

Decide to have your best year yet

Take a look at Jinny Ditzler’s fantastic Best Year Yet program website when Spring comes and decide to make the following months into your best year yet. You can use the free on-line version to get you started.

Consider your legacy

When so many have died, it throws into sharp relief the importance of living well and making it count.

We lost some bright lights in 2004 and when someone finally turns your light off, what will be the legacy you leave? Perhaps the greatest work of all is to leave behind something, however small, that adds to the world rather than subtracts from it.

There you have it. 7 things to do in the next 12 months. Have fun thinking about them…

And by the way, when Spring does come, the good news is that once you've stopped something moving in your life it will have a tendancy to stay stopped (inertia) and once you've started something it will have a tendancy to keep moving (momentum). All it takes is a burst of energy at the right time.