How you can have more charisma…

What makes a successful consultant or manager or coach or trainer etc?.

Having worked with one or two charismatic individuals recently, I was preparing a tip on how you can have more charisma when John La Valle at the Society ofNLP sent me the following list.

The reason that I'm sharing it with you now is that the answer to"What makes a successful consultant?" and "How do I have more charisma?" are virtually the same.

The dominant characteristic of successful and charismatic individuals is clarity of purpose and strength of self belief that comes from being certain about who they are and what they are going after.

As you read through the list below consider what you could do to become more like this (and thereby increase your charisma).

Here’s John…

The question I've been asked is, “What makes a successful consultant?” Well, I've taken this question and expanded it sideways to include trainer, teacher, manager, etc. and expanded it upwards to include entrepreneur, etc. because to me, whatever it is you’re doing professionally, it helps to put yourself in the position, or role, of consultant at certain times, places and other contexts.

Based on my experience with many different people across many different professions, the ones that are the most successful have or do the following things:

How many of the above do you honestly have and/or do?

Happy Consulting, or whatever it is you do.

I wonder what your reaction to this list was - if you found yourself thinking “I could do that, that’s me…” and you’re thinking of launching your own business then do take a look at my Be Your Own Boss pages.