s LCT 61 - Don’t dance

Don’t dance…

It’s fair to say that I don’t dance. In fact, I decided years ago that the world could live without it and my stuff remained firmly unstrutted. Since my dancing resembled the union of a fly and spider, legs and arms shooting all over the place with only the vague sense of coordination, this seemed like a pretty good decision.

Until Sunday that is.

I went along to one of Andy Harrington’s Breakthrough Events (2010: sadly no longer running) and it was a great reminder to celebrate everything good about our lives.

We live in a richly abundant country with endless choices and more than enough money, food, work and leisure interests plus beautiful countryside to look at all the time. But how often do we celebrate all this?

Did you give England a cheer when they actually scored a goal or took a wicket? Did you celebrate or get a warm feeling when England won the rugby world cup? You did? I don’t know why because the brutal truth is that you made little or no contribution to those achievements. Yet you were happy to celebrate them!

We’re good at celebrating the achievements of others but how about out own results? How often do you take time out to celebrate and maybe dance a little jig in praise of your progress? When was the last time you jumped in a puddle just for the sheer joy of it? Too old? Too grown up?

So, on Sunday, I found myself leaping up and down in sheer joy. Most unexpected and totally out of character but it isn’t a bad thing to step out of character occasionally. Character is overrated.

This week - find something to celebrate in your life and raise a cheer for you. You deserve it.

(and remember; your brain can’t do a don’t, so whatever you do don’t think about how you can apply this tip..:)

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