Ask How? (not Why?)

Would you like to be happy all the time? More confident? Able to get motivated whenever you want?

Is this impossible or at best improbable? Most people would agree with you. That still leaves a lot of people wondering why they cannot motivate themselves or get happy or be confident when they want to be? If this includes you, then in could be that you are asking the wrong question.

When your car breaks down it is interesting to know why it is broken but you can’t fix it until you find out how is it is broken. Once you know how something happens, you are well on the way to either changing it or doing it again.

Running your brain works exactly the same way - you can only do six things with your mind - make pictures, hear sounds, feel feelings, taste tastes, smell smells and talk to yourself - this is HOW you think and how you get into any state of mind including the one you are in right now.

So to begin to have more (name a state) just think of a time when you were (that state). Find a specific time and go back to that memory. See what you saw, hear what you heard and feel what you felt. Now, How are you doing it?

For example: Motivated people often have clear, bright pictures of what things will look like when the task is done. People with no motivation often have a dark, gloomy picture of all the things they have to do.

The way you do it will be unique but it comes down to just these six things.

You can begin to have what you want from your brain as you begin to find out how you do what you do.