If you only do one thing…

When I was learning to ride my motorbike at the comparatively late age of 37 (no it wasn’t a mid life crisis!), my instructor pointed out some things on the road to avoid. I should steer clear of anything slippery, like a shiny, wet, drain cover or white road signs especially mini roundabouts. Trouble was, of course, that I spent my whole time looking out for these things and used to hit them every time.

I couldn’t seem to break this habit until he told me the secret. You’ll hit whatever you look at, instead of looking at what you want to avoid, look where you want to go.

A simple piece of advice, banal even, but it revolutionised my riding.

Now at the root of most, if not all, of the people who really make a success of what they do is this one thing. They focus on what they want.

Have you ever bought a new car and then started to see similar cars everywhere? Or what you thought was a fairly unique accessory or piece of clothing, only to discover you started to see it everywhere? You see, your mind does not do what you mean it to do, it does what you tell it to do. And if you draw attention to something, you will get more of it. Focus on yesterdays battles, the emptiness of your glass and the difficulties ahead and guess what? You’ll get more of it. Make rich, detailed, attractive pictures of the good things you have, your own goals and the opportunities in your life and guess what? You’ll get more of it. There is a clear difference between dwelling on what you don’t want (I don’t want to be fat/unemployed/bored) and dwelling on what you do want (I want to be slim/find a job I love/love what I do).

This week, if you only do one thing, ask yourself What do I want? and dwell on the answer…