How often do you take a backup?

IT people are always advising us to take regular backups in case something goes wrong with hard or software. But how often do you pause to take a backup of the really important data? You know, how often do you take stock of all the good things that you have and have happened to you and are currently happening to you?

Before the invention of the microchip they had another phrase for this, they called it 'counting your blessings'. Clean air, fresh water, plenty to eat, entertainment, family, nice things, freedom - the list is virtually endless.

This week, why not stop now and write down on one piece of paper all the people and things that are really important to you? You may want to illustrate it, add colour or photos or doodles or just make a list. Whatever you do, put it somewhere handy so that you can refer to it should the hardware and software in your life start to give you trouble.

As the IT people say, taking regular backups can bring you peace of mind…