Where do results come from?

Where do your results come from? You know, the current state of your finances, your health, your business results and the quality of your relationships. It is luck, fate, karma, or perhaps the result of forces beyond your control? Maybe it was your parents, your boss, your teachers or your colleagues that are responsible? Or maybe not.

Our results follow our actions as sure as eggs is eggs.

Obvious you might think but how often have you repeated the same actions over and over again expecting to get a different result? Have you ever had the same old argument and then acted all surprised when you got the same old result? Many a company has got into trouble by not changing anything and then wondering why their results never changed. If you do what you have always done then you will get what you have always got. Different results need different actions - usually something you have not done before.

If your team need to get a different result then they need to do different things - are you sure they understand this? Do you?

And there is a heck of a difference between trying to get fit and getting fit or trying to get more customers and getting more customers. Try and Do are miles apart and always will be.

So this week, why not do something different, anything different. Pick one thing, no matter how small and see how much it changes your results…