An abundant world…

What do you believe about the world you live and work in? Is there enough to go round? Or do we have to compete for resources? If you get rich or gain more time or better health, does somebody else have to be poor? Or maybe there is more than enough? What do you believe?

One of the things that sometimes prevents us from having greater abundance in our lives is the fear that if we are very successful or wealthy then someone else will lose out because there is only so much to share. As with so much in our lives, it is our basic beliefs about money and wealth that affect how much we come to enjoy.

For example, it tends to be true that if you grasp and cling onto money, desperately watching every penny, then it tends to elude you and enjoying it certainly tends to elude you. On the other hand if you support the flow of money by spending it wisely and helping it move around with a glad heart then it tends to move towards you.

This is the origin of the saying that money attracts money.

A habit that many wealthy people have is to always give something (however small) to anyone who asks. Indeed, many of the gurus who specialise in this area recommend a regular discipline of giving away a set percentage. Their reasoning is twofold. Firstly, giving money away supports the healthy belief that you have more than enough to spare and secondly it's a way of “building up treasure in heaven” so if you should find yourself in need then the universe will look favourably on your request.

What would happen to our world if many, many people started believing that there was more than enough and then started sharing some of what they had. Would you get richer? What do you believe?

On a more immediate and practical note, what would you charge for your services if you believed that the world was an abundant place and there was plenty of money to go round? What salary would you ask for?

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