The magic (eating) wand…

It's hard to disagree that Harry Potter is a publishing phenomenon but in one very real sense it can only make life harder for a certain group of people. Oddly enough, itÍs the real believers in mystery and magic who will have the hardest problem with Harry and his magic wand.

Here's why…

For at least 27 years I believed that some mysterious force was responsible for the shape of my body and the size of my waist. I had various names for this force. Sometimes it was my genes. Sometimes it was the size of my bones that was to blame. Sometimes it was my metabolism and at other times it was things like additives, food combinations and the wrong type of fat.

And so I engaged in the search for a magic wand. I looked high and low for a book, technique, eating plan, food combination or guru who would take responsibility for returning me to a slim and nicely shaped human being. During this search I was happily living on crunchy peanut butter and black coffee, somehow never making the connection between that and the result I was getting.

And I'm not alone, up and down the land there are unhappy people searching for the magic wand that will sort out their diet once and for all. They believe sincerely in magic, that their results are from forces outside themselves and they're looking for the quick fix or silver bullet that can just magic the problem away.

I see this all the time in people who come for coaching to make changes but drift away when I fail to provide the appropriate spell or incantation. In most of the other areas of our life we tend to acknowledge the link between cause and effect but for some reason we struggle to make the same connection in the area of eating and body shape.

Because, when it comes to eating the magic wands don't exist. Real, lasting change in the area of physical health only starts once you accept full responsibility for where you are right now.

It's only by doing this that you give yourself the power to change it. And the power to change your life means taking massive, sustained action to get a different result…

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