They don’t exist!

I first heard about Them when I started work. I had joined a fairly big company and I assumed that They would take care of my career and future. People used to talk about Them around the coffee machine If only They would… or They've changed the budget again. They seemed to make some strange decisions but I assumed that They knew better and anyway, who was I?

Apparently, They were up to lots of other things as well, decisions about taxes, state of the roads, education etc. all down to Them. Being curious, I started to nose around to try and find out who They were. And imagine my surprise when I finally worked out that They don’t exist.

In fact there is only one person who is going to ensure you have more fun, arrange things so you learn, make your career enjoyable, improve your relationships, build your business and so on. There is only one person who is going to take the action to make the changes you need to make. And that’s You. (alright, maybe with the help of your Coach…!)

Sadly there are still some believers in Them out there, some who still wait for Them to announce the next move or unveil the plan or improve their lot. This week, if you hear people talking about Them, you may want to ask Who specifically? and go on asking until you get a name. It might surprise everybody…