Your self-righting lifeboat…

In the last couple of weeks, a couple of people have commented on my energy and one person even told me that I had too much of it.

I find this highly amusing because 4 or 5 years ago, I could barely drag myself out of bed and needed at least two black coffees to get me going. I've played with lots of ideas on how to get more energy (and as I'm always on the lookout for the quickest solution), here are my faves. They work quickly and the results are great.

The basics - one of the wonderful things about your body is that it is designed to heal itself and work at optimum energy. It's like one of those self righting lifeboats, no matter how far off balance you tip it, it always aims to right itself. Your body has a prime directive to make, store and distribute energy to keep you functioning and bring you back into balance. Knowing this makes having lots of energy simple, all you have to do is start assisting this self righting process and stop getting in its way. Here are a few hints on how…

Eat stuff that gives you energy - if you've ever felt heavy and sluggish after a meal or needed a pick-up mid-morning after a heavy breakfast then you'll know that the major user of energy in your body is your digestive system. In fact, it uses so much energy up that your body would rather shut down and send you to sleep than take energy from your digestion.

It follows then that the easier you make the job of digestion, the more spare energy is available to do other things with. From today, you may like to notice which foods give you more energy (eat more of these) and which take your energy away (eat less of these). You'll probably notice that the foods closest to their natural state tend to give energy whilst the more a food is processed then the more energy it takes to digest.

If you want to find out more about this then grab a copy of Fit for Life (Harvey Diamond) or check out Unlimited Power (Tony Robbins), both fascinating books on the subject of energy and eating.

Use alcohol for pleasure not thirst - drinking alcohol to quench your thirst is a bit like kicking someone's crutches away. Most forms of alcohol require the body to divert precious water for processing so all it does is further dehydrate you. If you are thirsty then drink water for energy and save alcohol until you just need pleasure(!).

Breath with all your lungs - many people are shallow breathers and are only using the top third of their lungs. Deep breathing from the diaphragm achieves two things that give you energy. Firstly, it clears out stale air and fills your blood with oxygen, this then circulates and helps you to be both calmer and more alert at the same time. The second thing it does is activate your lymph system which is the part of the body dealing with waste processing. The lymph relies on deep breathing for movement as it has no pump; so the more of your lungs you use, the more you free yourself of waste thus releasing energy for use elsewhere.

Be yourself - it's very draining pretending to be someone or something that you are not. The more you can be you and not have to keep up a front or an act, the more energy you will maintain. This is especially important if you are on your feet all day, teaching, training or running meetings etc. Just be you.

Do something you look forward to - doesn't time fly and the world seem a better place when you do things you look forward to doing? As with find the fun, why not have a go at increasing the amount of time you spend doing stuff that you love to do? You should notice a corresponding increase in your energy levels.

These are my favourite ways of increasing energy; there are lots more but for now, have fun helping that lifeboat to right itself…

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