Your instant stress busters…

I don't do stress very often, but I have been lately, and these three Stress Busters never fail to help me back into a more useful state. Try them now (no ones watching…)

Bonus stress buster - Start to breathe - here's a way of breathing that will have a longer-term effect on your stress. Find some fresh air and then push all the air out of your lungs. Really push from the bottom up. Breathe in normally, and then repeat.

Most people are only using the top third to half of their lungs and this means their bodies are operating on low grade fuel, making it easy to feel overwhelmed and out of control.

Breathing this way means you only have to concentrate on emptying your lungs, they will refill automatically with clean, fresh fuel. You only need to do this three or four times to notice the benefit; it calms you down and gives your brain more oxygen to work with. Have a go.

So, this week: if you find yourself doing stress then do something different, anything different…

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