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Your 14 Tools For Success: Part 1

Your 14 Tools For Success

I'm going to assume that whenever and wherever you are reading this then you've probably got enough to eat and drink. Would I be right? It’s also likely that you’re warm enough or have the means to get warmer or cooler if you need to. Right? On top of that you may well have a job or your own business and a fair sprinkling of social contacts to keep you happy. In fact, almost every basic need of yours is taken care of.

So, why then do you still not have everything you want and why haven’t you acheived your full potential?

Could it be that there is something else missing from your everyday life that would make the difference?

Whatever your definition of personal success, if you are not there yet, maybe you need some extra tools.

What is the best type of tool for success?

There are some people out here in cyberspace who will gladly sell you a product or service that carries the promise of success. There are books and tapes. You’ll also come across those who will promise you great riches if you join their multi-level marketing scheme or follow their life-changing diet.

None of these are really up to the job.

What you need is a portable tool, one that can be carried around without hassle, weighs nothing and you can use 24hrs a day under any circumstances. In short, what you need is the best tool of all - a new belief or set of beliefs!


Because our reaction to the world we live in and the extent to which we wring the juice out of life is largely dictated by our perceptions or the frame we put around the things that happen to us. It’s what we believe about our world that affects the results we get from it.

The changes that matter most are more often changes in perception than changes in the world outside us. And we can change the way we perceive the world in a heartbeat
Paul McKenna, Change Your Life In Seven Days

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re probably right
Henry Ford

That’s why for some the glass is overflowing, for some it’s half full, for others it’s half empty and for others it’s smashed into little pieces. If this is the same glass then these people are going to enjoy very different results from their drinking experience.

How we use our skills or capabilities, the way we behave and the changes we make to our environment are all affected by what we believe (see the handout for more detail)

14 Useful beliefs….

Below you’ll find the first seven of a set of 14 useful beliefs. At first reading, they may seem no more than a collection of wise old sayings or proverbs and they can certainly be read that way. With a bit of reflection though, they can become useful beliefs to hold and tools to enable you to create the success you want.

How to use the tools…

14 Tools For Success: Part 1

  1. The past does not equal the future
    • Do you agree?
    • If you acted as if this was true, what would it mean for you?
  2. Insanity is doing the same thing time after time and expecting to get different results.
    • Do you agree?
    • What does this mean for you?
  3. Changes in behaviour are guaranteed to create changes in results. All you need is to be willing to keep changing your behaviour until you get the results you want.
    • Do you agree?
    • What does this mean for you?
  4. In life we always get what we need to help us grow and learn. Always.
    • What would it be like to have this attitude to everything that happenned to you?
  5. When things appear difficult, negative or disappointing, look for the lesson, the opportunity to grow.
    • It’s been said that if we don’t pay attention, then we pay with pain - what’s the lesson that you need to pay attention to?
  6. Pain and change are part of life; suffering is optional
    • Do you agree?
    • Why is suffering optional?
  7. Responsibility for the results you get always lies with you.
    • What changes would you make if you were responsible for ALL your results?

Remember: These are portable tools, you can carry them around without hassle, they weigh nothing and you can use them 24/7 under any circumstances. Test them out in your own experience.

And yes, these may not be absolute truths - maybe we are not responsible for all our results - what is true, is that when hold the belief that you are responsible and when you act as if you are responsible, you gain the power to change your results. And that can be very useful…